Distance with Baku:384 km

Population:59,1 thsd person

How to reach:Bus-> Scheduled bus Baku- Goygol, Baku-Ganja

Goygol district is allocated at the west of the Republic to the south of Ganja in agricultural region. There are forests, gardens, mountains and seven splendid lakes. The most highest sport in the area is Gamish mountain (3724 m) allocated at the edge of Murovdag. Climate in the area is moderate – hot. Via the territory of the area, there are flowing Gushgara, Ganjachay Rivers. Here many birds are nested. These are ideal places for making hunting and fisheries.

In summer amateurs of nature used to arrive here, lodged apartment from local habitants and make exciting excursions and hiking. Due to that fact villages of Mikhailovka, Yeni Zod, Togana had converted into like tourist centers.

Tourist routes are being used by huge popularity:

1. Goygol – Ashigli – Hajikend – Goygol National park. Tourists making their voyages upon that route could review historical monument – church of Saint Mariya. Termination of the route is allocated at Goygol National park. Here you might be encountered with the marvelous nature, fantastic forests, transparent rills, the most beautiful lakes, abundant animal world.
2. Goygol – Topalhasanli – Zurnabad – Shakhriyar. Route extension – 18 km. At that itinerary, there are allocated historical monuments: The White Bridge (XII century), burial-mounds of bronzed and iron Ages. In villages of Zurnabad and Shakhriyar, it is possible to buy handed carpets, having been weaving by local craftswomen.
3. Goygol – Keshku – Uchbulag (9 km).
4. Goygol – Gushgara – Balchili. Route length – 15 kilometers. In balchili village there is existed ancient tower. In Gushgara village there exists Motel. Those routes are popular among self-acted tourists.

The district center, Goygol city, formed Helenendorf, was founded at place of the ancient settlement Khanliglar by deutsche settlements having been settled here in XIX century. During Stalin times the Germans were evicted towards Middle Asia, but town still is keeping traces of their presence: flat streets, woody buildings and church. The area center is allocated in 15 km from railroad terminal of Ganja city. In the city, there is usual museum of history, musical school and cinema. You may also review the bridge, age of which, is elder by seven centuries than in the city. In 40 km from the are center there is “Goygol” National Park. Here the nature, being far from city rushes, impresses everybody with the beauty of forests, by blue of lakes, fascinate by singing of birds, by flavor of greenery and flowers. From Goygol district towards here there are following microbuses. Here you could find out a lot of not big restaurants, cafes, and snack bars.

Among historical monuments in the area it is possible to highlight the tower of XII century in the village Sarigaya, fortress of XII century in Zurnabad village, Lutheran church of XIX century situated in Goygol city, Gabriel church XVII century in Shakhriyar village, “Ag korpu” bridge XII century in village of Topalhasanli, two rivers outspreaded at Ganjachay river in Goygol city – “Iki gozlu korlu” (XVI century) and “Uch gozlu korlu” (XIX century). There are known archeological finding of bronzed and iron centuries.

To buy products of manual products one might in Shakhriyar village.

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