Distance with Baku:176 km

Population:82,2 thsd person

How to reach:Bus-> Scheduled bus Baku-Neftchala – 3,5 hours

Neftchala district is situated or Kura River, on area, where river is fallen into Caspian Sea, on ancient Caravan way. In ancient times, in rigrorous winter frosty climate herein with a view of wintering, many herbs of sheep of closer laying khanates had been round up, being allocated in mountain locality. That is why this terrain became called Khangishlagi, which means in translation “khanate wintering” Modern name of the town word for word is translated as “oil pit”, which is confirmed by richest reserves of oil and gas.

Animal world of the region is rich and diversified: from jeyrans and pelicans on the land up to salmons and sturgeon types of fishes habituated in the sea. Here is allocated Kura experimental plant upon cultivation of sturgeon fishes, wherein white-baits are grown in laboratory conditions and purposes of reproducing of stocks of valuable types of fishes, they are thrown down to the Kura river. On the territory of the area, it is allocated main part of Gizilagadj preserved park with the richest flora and fauna.

District center – Neftchala city is situated not far from Kura river mouth. In the city, there is palace of culture, regional study museum, and picture gallery. At that land, it was born national poet fighter for independence of Azerbaijan Khalil Rza. Among industrial enterprises, there are fishery factory, iodine-bromide plant upon breeding of sturgeon fishes. In the region, there are rare and medicine plants grown such as mint, dog rose, licorice, goose, grass, daisywheel etc.

In 10 km from the area center, where Kura river is fallen into Caspian sea, one might be witness of extraordinary sight: Kura river waters is separated from sea water by ideal flatted line; as if thin fence interferes waters to be mixed.

Kurkosa Island is splendid place for making fishery.

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