Distance with Baku:230 km

Population:205,8 thsd person

How to reach:Bus-> Scheduled bus Baku-Masally – 7 hours, Sumgayit-Masally, Ganja-Masally, Mingachevir-Masally, Shirvan – Masally, Lankaran – Masally; Train: Baku-Astara – 6,5 hours.

Masally – agriculture district situated on main road, leading from Baku city onto the south to Lankaran and Iran. In antic ancient times, this territory was in composition of states of Manna, Atropatena. Since mid of XVIII century it was allocated in the body of Talish khanate.

The area is surrounded by Caspian Sea from the one side and Talish mountains – from another one’s. By relief the area might be conventionally divided on mountain (Talish) and plain (Lankaran terrain) parts. Climate is subtropical. Vilash, Tatyan, Alvaidichay rivers and others are flown along the area’s territory and fallen onto Caspian Sea.

The richest vegetable land was kept in forestry of Gariblar and Yenikand valuable breeds. Of trees such as beech, hornbeam, ferrous tree, alder, and oak. In hunting farm of Girmizi village one may hunt on woody beasts and on the territory, being closer to Gizilagach preserve park on-water floating birds and animals like fox, wild boar, badger, wolf.

In the area, there are many sulfur medical sources. In picturesque of mountains, there is mineral spring of Istisu. In summer period of time herein it is arrived many quantity resort people just for having enjoyment, as well as sick men come therein suffering with rheumatism. Beautiful landscape adds to small hot waterfall and hanging bridge.

The district center – Masally city. Name of the city was bound with habituated before tribe of massal. Among historical monuments of architecture here it was stored bath house and mosque (XIX century), Erkivan tower, in villages of Boradigah and Digah – mosques of XVI century, Seid Sadig mausoleum. Along way of Massali – Lankaran is allocated at Gizilagay preserved park.

In the town, one may make parking and stay at hotel and Guest House. For tourists it would be interesting to review exposition of Museum of Local lore, history and economy in the town, to be familiarized with products of traditional national crafts: in Musakuja village – this is “khasir’ – plaited mats, in Turkoba villages – carpets, jorabs (socks), gloves; in villages of Gariblar, Kolatan, Sigdash – timbered products, being decorated with national ornament.

In Massali town’s surroundings there exist small lake spreading out among thick forest – lovely place of guests’ and local

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