Economic region:Absheron economic region

Area:1360 km²

Population:195,1 thsd person

Density of population:143 person /km²

Number of inhabited settlements:8 villages, 7 settlements

Absheron was founded in January 1963. It was founded to assure enough labour force, highly educated professional staff and necessary provisions is given to enterprises and firms, kolkhozs and collective farms, poultry and agrarian industries, construction centres, scientific-research institutes and laboratories present on the territories of Baku and Sumgayit. It also served to meet the needs of agricultural products for both industry centres.

Absheron region neighbors with Sumgayit city in the north, Khizi region in the north-west, Gobustan region in the west, Hajigabul region in the south-west and Baku city in the east.

There are for farming constructions named “Davalik” on the territory of Guzdak village. Those constructions belonging to Teymur Hamidov, Malik Rzayev and Mammad Rzayev are being preserved despite the fact that they are not used for farming purposes. In Goradile village, there is Abdurrahman mosque pertaining to XIX century which was built by the villager Haji Gurban, mosques from XVIII century in Məmmədli built by Garadaglilar family, mosque-madrasa built in XIX century by Haji Safarali in Novxani, Albattin mosque in Fatmai which goes back to XVIII century. Aside from religious monuments, there are many monuments pertaining to social life of people in last centuries. For example, hamams built in middle ages by Haji Kazim in Qobu village and another one built by Meshadi Imam Baxish in Xirdalan. Ancient wells which provided water supply to people living in this territory are still used in Aşağı Güzdək and Xirdalan. Tombs from VIII – XVIII centuries are also preserved in Fatmai, Digah, Masazir, Hökməli and Saray.

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