Distance with Baku:168 km

Population:157,6 thsd person

How to reach:Bus-> Scheduled bus Baku-Guba – 3 hours, Guba-Uzun Meshe, Guba-Afurja, Guba-Gachresh, Guba-Balbulag, Guba-Tengealti, Guba-Khinalig

Guba district is one of the most popular places in Azerbaijan for the tourists and Afurja settlement with its popular waterfall has become lovely place of rest for Baku citizens. The tourists traveling in the district go to Tangaalti gorge and then cross Velvelichay river with the mud water, admire Kunkhirt waterfall – at the settlement of Gonagkend, which was a district center in 40-50s of the last century. Groves can be met more rarely and when the height exceeds thousand meters over the sea level, the trees are replaced with bushes.

There are hydrogen-sulphidous springs on Hashichay River. Here, in the narrow gorge, hot waters of medicinal features are getting out of the rocks. Nobody remembers now who constructed here something like self-made sanatorium consisting of three bathrooms made in the rock width. Each construction at the size of 2×3 m is faced with the stone wall with the shed of the tree trunks. The stone bed of the bathroom fits to the medicinal procedure strike so much that even tourists spoilt by the city civilization spend their times here great pleasure. Semi-darkness, warm water from the rock makes drunk and lull. Spiny bushes of sea-buckthorn, barberry and sedge grow in abundance at the riverbeds. Colony of white-haired vultures – eagles written in the Red Book of Azerbaijan live in this gorge.

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