Distance with Baku:439 km

Population:162,8 thsd person

How to reach:Bus-> Scheduled bus Baku-Tovuz – 9 hours; Train: Ganja-Agstafa, Baku-Gazakh, Baku-Agstafa, Baku-Tbilisi – 10 hours

The district is allocated in the west of Azerbaijan and being bounded with Georgia and Armenia. The area territory is entering into Basin of Kura River. There are flowing rivers Tovuz, Zayam Asrick, Akhinja. Climate is dry and subtropical. There are being outspreaded at mountain slopes of the region, splendid nature and numerous rills. Square of forests constitutes 32 000 Hectares. In the area, there is available animal world: wolf, hare, turaj, partridge etc. there are available possibilities intended for making fishery and hunting on hare and water floating bird.

Administrative area center – Tovuz center. According to ancient Turk sources, the name of city had taken its origin from name of Turk speaking tribes “Oguz”, Toguz” to being united.

Among architectural monuments there still exist viz.: bridge, mosque and mausoleum of XVII century in village Yanikhli, bridge of XX century – on Tovuz river, ruins cerevanserai, kakhriz ( water pipeline), dwelling houses, water stand pipe tower of XIX century – in Tovuz town, Kerogli tower of VII century – in Alibeyli village, octahedral mausoleum – in Gazgulu village, ruins of XIX century’s fortress and mosque of Abbas shakh’ XVII century. besides, on the territory of the area by archeologists it was found out witnesses of habitants having been stayed here during Stone Age, bronze ages.

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