Distance with Baku:180 km

Population:90,5 thsd person

How to reach:Bus-> Scheduled bus Baku-Gusar – 3,5 hours.

Gusar district is located in the southeast of Azerbaijan and bounds with Dagestan. Administrative center of the district is a city of Gusar. The city is at the distance of 35 km to the railway station of Khudat. The name of “Gusar” origins from the tribe of “khisar”. This is a land of mountains and valleys. The highest peak of Azerbaijan is in the territory of this region – Bazarduzu mountain (4466 m). The district is noted for its rich flora. 20% of the territory is covered with the forests. Deciduous trees are widely distributed here. Such valuable species, as oak, beech, hornbeam etc. grow here. Tugay forests are along the rivers. Such plants as sumah, mushmula, hawthorn, dog-rose, gooseberry bushes, forests grapes are popular here. Animals of the region are represented as follows: bear, wolf, boar, mountainous goat, birds – eagle, owl etc. State reserve at the area of 15000 ha is located in the territory of Gusar district; there is maintained beech forest named “Alistan-baba” near the settlement of Urva at the area of 7 ha.

The features of the district are beautiful waterfalls of Shaknabaz and Laza. Each person is impressed with the view of the falling water creating snow-white foam and fireworks of the water splash.

Historical monuments have been saved in the district. Among them are the ruins of the fortress walls of XIII century at the village of Anig, mausoleum of sheikh Juneid at the village of Khazra, antique mosques in the villages of Khil, Anig, Balagusar, Yasab, Kohna-Khudat, and Gunduz-gala etc. Great poet Lermontov, after his name the museum was named, visited Gusar in the old times. There is a park of culture and rest here.

There are good conditions for the ecologic tourism in the district. Three routes might be selected:

Gusar-Laza route. The tourists traveling on this route might observe historical monuments and samples of the folk-applied art in the village of Anig. Alpinism amateurs may climb Shahdag Mountain at the end of the route on the Chalet resort of “Suvar”. Gusar-Sudug route. Interesting got the tourists place can be noted here – in the village of Khazra – mausoleum of sheikh Juneid. Besides, tourists may become familiar with the samples of folk-applied art and traditions of the local population along whole route. End of the route is Sudug village is 75 km to the district center at the height of 1800 m above the sea level at the mountainside of Shahdag Mountain. There is wonderful nature, impressing sight of the mountains here.
Gusar-Gazanbulag route. Beech forest of “Alistan-baba” is located on this route.
As to the old fields, carpet weaving, handicraft embroidery, wood engraving are developed in Gusar district.

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